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The Smokeless You: An Unknown Version Of Yourself

Dennis • M.Sc.
3 min readMar 11, 2024

In the experience of one’s life, we often encounter different versions of ourselves. Some we cherish, while others we wish to improve upon. Among these versions, there exists one that is often overlooked but holds immense potential for transformation — the smokeless self.

There are profound benefits of embracing this version of self, shedding light on the positive impact it can have on various aspects in one’s life.

For 21 Years, I was a dedicated smoker, a lot of times it seemed that this bad habit was going to follow me forever.

The invisible force to quit struck me in sudden when I realized I had forgotten the essence of who I once was. This realization became a profound transformation, inspiring me to break free from addiction and rediscover the vibrant, smoke-free version of me.

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Break Free

Smoking is more than just a habit; it’s a choice with far-reaching consequences. Choosing to break free from this habit opens the door to a thousand benefits.



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